Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic


Dear students,
In view of the current situation, the management took a precautionary measure to conduct a contactless operations during the visit which means VW Home admin staff will be fully assisting you during the viewing session such as to open the door and switch on light.

The reason is because we have to take care of our tenant because some of them are staying at the hostel and to make sure that everyone is safe.

In addition, for all non residents that is coming to the hostel for a visiting or moving purpose, our policy needs you to wear face mask and only 2 person is allowed to enter at a time.

9th May 2020
Food delivery - 1.png

The.kitchen (Muslim friendly)

Lunch only


Price range  : from RM14.5

(the more days you order or the more friends you order with, you will save more)

Delivery fee  : included (arrive within 10.45am-1pm)

T&C  :

a)Pre-order 1 day in advance before 11pm

Details  : https://hometaste.my/the-kitchen/ or https://www.instagram.com/the.kitchen_official/

Food delivery - 2.jpg
Food delivery - 3.jpg

Jeremy’s Chicks (No Pork)

Lunch & Dinner


Price range : RM12.9 per pax / RM18 for 2 pax

Delivery fee: RM6-RM10

Pre-order    : 1 day in advance

Details         : https://www.instagram.com/jeremys.chicks/

Cincailah Eatery (Non-halal)

Lunch & Dinner


Price range   : from RM5.5

Delivery fee  : RM12 (share with your housemates for cheaper delivery fee!)

T&C                :

a) Lunch   - Pre-order 1 day in advance

b) Dinner - Order before same day  2pm

Details           : https://www.instagram.com/cincailahhheatery/

Food delivery - 4.png
Food delivery - 5.jpg

Grace Kitchen Food Delivery (non halal)

Dinner only


Price range : From RM10 per day

(Delivery fee: Included. Will be delivered around 5pm)

T&C              :

a) Pre-order 1 day in advance

b) Minimum 10 days dinner order

Details         : https://gracekitchen.com.my/


Lunch & Dinner



Price range  : from RM10

Delivery fee  : RM2 for lunch; free for dinner

T&C  :

a)Lunch - order before 8.15am (Muslim friendly options available)

b)Dinner - Home cook food minimum order for 10 days. Fill up form in website (Non-halal)

Details  : https://hometaste.my/

17th May 2020

Announcement for New Students Amidst MCO


Dear valued students,


This letter is our public address to a concerned arising from new students that are planning to book their room, and those of you that have booked your room but unable to check-in due to the MCO implemented.

We understand many of you will be worried.

After a considerate thought, the Management has decided, that all of your tenure will automatically be delayed to the date where HELP University is allowed to re-open the campus. This means that you can now book your room for May intake, and if the University re-open in June, your tenure will begin only from June.

This applies to all students that have booked room with us but yet to check-in, too. We hope that this clarification is helpful for you.

Tough times don’t last, tough people do. Together we will work through this difficult time.


Yours sincerely,

Vincent Wong                                                                                                                                            

4th May 2020

Protecting Our Tenants During Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our daily life greatly. Nonetheless, it is important for us to keep our living environment clean and hygienic. Our cleaner, Kak Faridah, has been working relentlessly to make sure our hostels are clean and hygienic. Frequently-touched surfaces such as door handle, switches, chair and table are being sanitized regularly to ensure our tenants live comfortably.

30th April 2020

Craving for home cook food?
Here some food delivery options that you can try !